A little lady calling herself Honeybaybee is now art-directing Phresh Walls‘ murals all over the Sunset. This Hunnykombs mural is the team’s second one and is located at 17th & Taraval in San Francisco, on the side of Parkside Cleaners (which chipped in for some paint).

17th Ave and Taraval, San Francisco by Phresh Walls

Honeybaybee says that this new endeavor saved her life. She explained that there are so many depressing things in life that are difficult to live through and she was close to suicide when she found this way out…adding some color to the streets of the Sunset. She calls herself the art director because the Phresh Walls team follows her sketch, here of honeycombs with gooey dripping honey.


San Francisco restaurant Hog & Rocks is seeking a muralist to beautify its neighbor, a PG&E building that features the Vamos Gigantes mural by Precita Eyes muralists on the front. The restaurant’s patrons face the side of the PG&E building, which currently stands undecorated.

If a muralist steps up to provide pro bono art and labor, H&R will seek a donor to fund the costs of supplies and will help navigate PG&E’s approval process. H&R is now accepting sketch/concept submissions. Note that H&R’s co-owner really wants something with the colors and life of the Duboce Bikeway Mural by Mona Caron.

FoodWineMaven first reported this news.

This mural stopped me in my tracks – 3D elements, gorgeous vivid colors, and a powerful character who turns out to be Itzpapalotl, the Aztec goddess of birds and fire. Interestingly, there is also a Christian symbol of Virgin Mary in the center. Unfortunately, I could not make out the name of the artist beyond “Colette”. It is located in San Francisco’s Castro district, near 16th and Sanchez streets.

Personally, I find trompe-l’œil to be great fun — it just brings out the curious kid in me.  What’s real? What’s an illusion? You can be overcome with the desire to poke the painting and find out for yourself.

Artist Anatoliy Shapiro painted these murals for the The H.L. Hunley Experience Museum in Myrtle Beach. See if you can figure out what’s 3D versus 2D.

Photographed from a MUNI bus stuck in traffic on Mission street. Juana Alicia calls this Cease Fire/Alto al Fuego. Location: Mission Street at 21st. 

Juana Alicia’s Ceasefire Mural

Isaiah working on a muralI was happy to spot Isaiah working on a mural while I lived in Philadelphia in 2004. He is a Philadelphia legend, creating mosaic murals and decorating the city with other gems.


Isaiah’s Mural

Bill Weber and his Jazz Mural Bill Weber’s public and private murals are scattered throughout Northern California. However, the Jazz Mural at 606 Broadway St. in San Francisco is his largest at four stories high and more than 100 feet long. The location marks the point where Chinatown, North Beach, and the old Barbary Coast sections of the City come together. The mural features Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, and San Francisco legends Bill Weber explaining the Jazz Muralsuch as Herb Caen, Emperor Norton, and San Francisco mayors. Bill first painted the Jazz mural in 1987 with Tony Klaas. 
Source: 110 Magazine.

Twenty years have gone by and the colors of the mural have faded. Bill began restoring the mural three years ago but funds have run out. According to Bill, a mere $15,000 is needed to finish the restoration (on the Broadway side) but the city has made no contribution.

Bill Weber Jazz Mural

Please contribute to the restoration of this landmark mural by sending donations to:

North Beach Neighbors Mural Trust Account
P.O. Box 330115
San Francisco, CA 94133

Refer to: Bill Weber Mural

For questions call: Marsha Garland of the North Beach Chamber of Commerce at 415.989.2220.

Urge the San Francisco Arts Commission to chip in for the restoration:

Nancy Gonchar, Interim Director of Cultural Affairs